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Cross Training takes aspects of many different forms of strength, conditioning, sports and other exercises, combining them to form a well-rounded program. We utilize weightlifting, gymnastics motions, calisthenics, plyometric exercises, track drills, stability work, flexibility and pretty much anything physically demanding from skipping rope to pushing cars. The workouts consist of varying functional motions that can be applied to any daily activity or sport, performed as a metabolic conditioner with occasional max efforts. All of our routines primarily focus on intensity, with each workout done in a group setting for friendly competition to encourage maximum intensity.

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with a goal of forging broad, general, and inclusive fitness.

Broad/General: CrossFit programming has a goal of preparing the athlete for any physical task. Rather than focusing on just one specialty – running, weightlifting, gymnastics, etc. – CrossFit workouts combine all these elements to reward the generalist, and punish the specialist.

Inclusive: All CrossFit workouts are scalable – with slight modifications, anyone from a seasoned veteran to a first-time athlete can complete the same workouts at a high intensity and get outstanding results.

In addition, CrossFit workouts are constantly varied, performed at a high intensity, and are made up of functional movements.

Constantly varied: The days of Monday: Bench, Tuesday: Curls, Wednesday: Legs are gone. Each day, our workouts are made up of full-body movements, and are always different. Outside of benchmark workouts to periodically check progress, you will never do the same workout twice.

High Intensity: The vast majority of our workouts are between 5-15 minutes long, meaning our athletes get more work done over shorter periods of time.  This means less damage to your joints and bones, with better results.

Functional Movements: From the most basic movements like air squats (getting in and out of a chair) to more technical lifts like the clean and jerk (putting luggage in an airplane overhead bin/picking up and carrying your kids), the movements we practice in CrossFit make everyday real-life activities easier.

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