Power Hour

Power Hour is a 60 minute Low Impact and Movement class will help you develop the foundations of proper lifting techniques using minimal equipment as well as mobility and core stability. Class style may vary from Boot Camp style training to core/mobility stability.  Our 30/30 Class focuses on 30 minutes of Cardio Training as well as 30 minutes of Core Stability and Mobility cool down.  Our Functional Fitness Class focuses on the mastery of everyday functional movements while adding a cardio component to the mix.  Be it for in the gym or for everyday life, anyone can benefit from any of our Power Hour classes.    

Membership Pricing

– $50:  Monthly Membership (2X per Week)

Session Packages

– $15:  Single Session (Drop-In) – $25 Includes Shirt
– $60:  5 Session Package
– $100:  10 Session Package
– $160:  20 Session Package
– $200:  30 Session Package

Class Schedule:
5pm:  Tuesday / Thursday
9am:  Saturday (Community WOD) – Athletes can attend this class in addition to their 2X per week limit