Sport Performance

Our Sport Performance program is designed to take our young athletes to the next level. Through private and/or small group sessions, athletes undergo age appropriate strength and conditioning training to maximize their performance on the playing field and reduce the risk of injury. This program is developed to help our athletes become stronger, faster, and more powerful, giving them the competitive edge to excel over their competition. Ages 13+.

Session Packages

– $25:  Single Session (Drop-In) – $35 includes T-Shirt
– $100:  5 Session Package
– $150:  10 Session Package
– $250:  20 Session Package

Class Schedule:
6pm:  Monday / Wednesday
7pm:  Monday / Wednesday
10am:  Saturday

Private Sessions (Single Athlete)

– $50:  Single Session
– $240:  5 Session Package ($48 per session)
– $460:  10 Session Package ($46 per session)
– $860:  20 Session Package ($43 per session)
– $1200:  30 Session Package ($40 per session)

Private Sessions (Small Group Sessions)

– Group of 2:  Call for Pricing
– Group of 3:  Call for Pricing
– Group of 4:  Call for Pricing

Team Training

Train with your teammates off the field or court to develop the explosive power, speed, and strength needed to excel in any sport.  Bring the team to The Athletic Zone / CrossFit HPC or have one of our professional coach(es) come to you for off-site training.*

– Pricing will vary depending on the number of athletes, program desired, and number of sessions desired
– Off-Site Training will have an additional expense for travel
– Call TODAY For Pricing