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Functional Fitness

Strength is never a weakness…

Functional Fitness: is a program focused on strengthening healthy movement patterns. Each class starts with an active warm-up to make sure your body is ready to move. 

Following the warm up is a movement preparation series that will take you through stabilization, balance, and agility exercises. This is to activate joint stability and mobility prior to loading in the strength phase.

The strength portion is tailored to help you with activities of daily living. Pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, and hinging are the cornerstone of movement. Gaining strength in these movements will make daily tasks easier and reduce the risk of injury.

Lastly, we move into conditioning to improve the cardiovascular and energy systems with short high intensity intervals.

As doctors of Chiropractic, Doctor Vardy & Doctor Beck see the need for fitness in everyone’s life. Proper diet and exercise is the best medicine to counter the rising numbers of people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Chronic pain and opioid addiction are also concerning matters millions of Americans are dealing with. As chiropractors, we often see chronic pain patients that could greatly reduce their issues by simply moving more.

We love that more and more of our patients are realizing this and getting more active! 

However, we often find ourselves treating injuries due to improper training, movement, or overloading. With this in mind, we have collaborated to create a program for anyone trying to get back on the horse and start moving more. 
Welcome to Functional Fitness.

Start off with our Foundation Classes. Our ‘Foundations’ course is required for those with little to no experience with the movements used in CrossFit. During this six-session course, we will focus on the 9 Fundamental movements which form the basis of CrossFit’s programs. These classes are designed to acclimate you to the gym, our trainers, and CrossFit terminology.  At this time, we will also get to know you in order to address any concerns with your flexibility and/or previous injuries and help you maximize your training potential!

Those with previous CrossFit experience or other similar training backgrounds are eligible to reduce the course or test out entirely.

** Unlimited CrossFit Memberships include: CrossFit / Power Hour / Open Gym
** Discount Rates apply on Month to Month Memberships: Service Personnel / Seniors (60+) / Full Time Students

If you’re New to CrossFit and want to learn more, click the link below. We’d love to show you the ropes!

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