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Train with your teammates off the field or court and develop the explosive power, speed, and strength you will need to excel in any sport.  Ideal for experienced athletes ages 13-18 years.

Pricing varies. Please call for details.
Offsite options are available, depending on location 

Our trainers would like to point you in the right direction when it comes to eating well and making the right nutritional choices. Whether you want to clean up your current eating habits in order to be leaner and healthier or put on a little extra size in order to enhance your athletic performance, we have what it takes to increase your health potential.

Method of testing includes skinfold and circumference measurements.

New To CrossFit?

Start off with our Foundation Classes. Our ‘Foundations’ course is required for those with little to no experience with the movements used in CrossFit. During this six-session course, we will focus on the 9 Fundamental movements which form the basis of CrossFit’s programs. These classes are designed to acclimate you to the gym, our trainers, and CrossFit terminology.  At this time, we will also get to know you in order to address any concerns with your flexibility and/or previous injuries and help you maximize your training potential!

Those with previous CrossFit experience or other similar training backgrounds are eligible to reduce the course or test out entirely.

** Unlimited CrossFit Memberships include: CrossFit / Power Hour / Open Gym
** Discount Rates apply on Month to Month Memberships: Service Personnel / Seniors (60+) / Full Time Students

If you’re New to CrossFit and want to learn more, click the link below. We’d love to show you the ropes!

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