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CrossFit HPC’s mission is to maximize your human potential. We provide a coached program with structured classes designed to address all areas of fitness and results in a body and lifestyle you will love. We incorporate strength, cardio, endurance, and gymnastics in a fun and supportive environment that is challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re a first time CrossFitter or a seasoned athlete, CrossFit HPC’s customized programs will have you stronger, faster, leaner, and in the best shape of your life. We help make you more adaptable to anything life throws at you and ultimately harder to kill!

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.” - NAVY SEAL MOTTO
Fitness Trainer


6:00am: M / T / W / Th / F
9:30am: M / W / F
4:00pm: M / T / W / Th / F
5:00pm: M / T / W / Th / F
6:00pm: M / T / W / Th / F
7:00pm: M / T / W / Th

9:00am: Saturday FREE Community WOD

Functional Fitness

9:30am: T / Th
5:15pm: T / Th
7:00pm: M / Th

Open Gym

6:00am – 8:00pm: M – T
6:00am – 7:00pm: F
9:00am – 2:00pm: S
CLOSED:  Sunday
*Must Sign in at the Front Desk*


6:00pm:  M / W
7:00pm:  M / T / W / Th
PRIVATE:  By Appointment

*Recommended for Athletes 14yrs and above

Youth Athletic Development (YAD)

6:00pm: M / T / W / Th

*Recommended for Athletes :  10 – 13yrs

Personal Training

By Appointment

Team Training

By Appointment

Our Schedule

Our training classes takes many different forms of strength, conditioning, sports and other exercises, combining them to form a well-rounded program. We utilize weightlifting, gymnastics motions, calisthenics, plyometric exercises, track drills, stability work, flexibility and pretty much anything physically demanding from skipping rope to pushing cars. The workouts consist of varying functional motions that can be applied to any daily activity or sport, performed as a metabolic conditioner with occasional max efforts. All of our routines primarily focus on intensity, with each workout done in a group setting for friendly competition to encourage maximum intensity.

Meet The Coaches

Coach Mark Vardy

Owner, DC, CCSP, CF-L1, CF-L2, USAWCrossFit Coach, Sport Performance Coach

Coach Johnathan Turnage "JT"

CrossFit & Sports Performance Coach

Coach Tracy Dunn

CrossFit and Functional Fitness Coach

Coach Jonathan "Mana" Gould,

LAT, ATC, CrossFit Coach


"If you don't do the work, you don't get the result"

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Contact Us

CrossFit HPC
2555 Wendell Blvd.
Wendell, NC
(919) 365-3338

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